​• Digital TV middleware, support search, EPG, subtitle, teletext, multi-standard T2 / S2 / ISDB / DTMB / ATSC / C, multiple tuner(Combo)
• CA plug-in separation, support multiple CA system
​•Customized development UI for Launcher, Setting, File manager, Boot wizard, Application market, IPTV, VOD and so on

• IPTV has adapted multiple content providers protocol, can provide South America, Middle East, Europe and the United States live TV
• VOD acquisition technology, can provide low-cost video on demand service

• Device management system, it can check the status of the device, debug device, OTA upgrade, remote control and so on
• Application market system, it can let customer make their own app market

• Support on ONVIF protocol, can connect IP Camera and smart doorbell
• Multi-screen interactive software work on Android and IOS mobile phone